Corona Meme 1

THE internet can be a depressing and scary place, especially amid a global epidemic such as the ongoing coronavirus. 

But there will always be jokers and meme creators attempting to bring comic relief to the situation, and COVID-19 is no exception. 

Below are some of the best creations to date. 

Corona Meme 12

This cat isn’t taking any chances. 

Coronavirus Memes 4

It’s hard to deny the power of honey and lemon with hot water to be fair.

Coronavirus Memes 3
This meme speaks for itself, the Corona PR team must be living a nightmare right now.

Corona Meme 6

Harsh meme for those from Dudley in Birmingham.

Corona Meme 7

Hmm… some very helpful tips to avoid contracting coronavirus.

Corona Meme 10

Is she wrong?

Corona Meme 8

Your move traffic warden…

Corona Meme 9

When they tell you you can die from coronavirus…. when they tell you you could miss Semana Santa and Feria if you catch coronavirus.

Corona Meme 11

Good for you, Betty!

Coronavirus Memes 5
INSTAGRAM: @rahclipperhandz


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