THE ‘When and Where’ app has been developed to provide greater security for women returning home alone especially after dark when public spaces empty.

The easy-to-use app created by five teenage girls from Madrid, works by inputting the destination of the user and once the journey starts, if there is any deviation or sudden stop, a message is sent to the user to ask if they are ok.

“If you do not answer within 30 seconds, your location is sent to the contact you have established,” explained Paula Fernandez, one of the app creators.

The designated contact will be notified of the users location in the case that the message goes unanswered and the emergency services will also be alerted in some cases. 

The app also has a panic button that will connect directly to the emergency services.

“Our main objective is to provide security for women and what we intend to create is a community where anyone can go outside without taking any risk,” said another creator, Lucia Fernandez.

Cordoban company Magtel is currently collaborating with the app creators in order to make improvements and speed up calls to emergency services.

Although the app launch is aimed at the safety of women, the app can be used by any group of people including children or those with Alzheimers.

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