THE police have been given increased powers to act against loud music made by nightlife venues across Calvia. 

Ordered by Mayor Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, officers will now be able to act immediately on any establishments that infringe the bylaw that serves to protect the environment from noise contamination and vibrations.

Any venue that is found breaching the ordinance will have their sound equipment sealed off and face a hefty fine. 

More serious violations could result in an establishment being shut down for a period of time.

The Town Hall is currently drafting an amendment to the bylaw which intends to target businesses that do not have a license to play music or manipulates sound limiters.

In 2019, police inspections led to 87 businesses in Calvia being sanctioned for breaking the noise bylaw.

Out of these, 28 were fined for having manipulated limiters, 29 for not having a licence for music and 30 for remaining open beyond permitted hours. 

Badal says more inspections will be carried out this year to ensure increased compliance with the ordinance. 

Bolstering the tourism of excesses decree in Magaluf, the new police powers will crackdown on anti-social behaviour that has plagued the destination and is expected to come into force in May. 

Passed in January of this year, the law on ‘drunk tourism’ serves to stamp out excessive drinking, strictly prohibiting promotions on booze, the sale of alcohol in commercial stores after 9.30pm and the act of ‘balconying.’

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