THIS is the moment an English-speaking cyclist appears to be manhandled by police in Spain amid the ongoing coronavirus lockdown. 

The widely shared clip shows the man being stopped by Policia Local who begin shouting at him. 

One of the officers is then seen grabbing him off his bike while yelling ‘you cannot be on the street!’

The 30-second clip is reported to have been recorded in Marbella today. 

It comes as the whole country has been placed on lockdown, meaning residents can only leave their homes for essential travel. 

Meanwhile, all businesses have been ordered to close apart from supermarkets, petrol stations, health centres and pharmacies. 

Other exceptions include hairdressers, opticians and launderettes and dry cleaners. 

Police have been given extra powers to enforce the crackdown with anyone disobeying the royal decree facing fines of up to €600, according to El Mundo. 

The number of cases in Spain has now neared 8,000. 


  1. How can it be right that cyclists riding solo in the fresh air are banned, and fined and dragged from their bikes yet it is ok to go for a haircut? Is it ok to cycle to the butcher, baker, tobacconist, supermarket, pharmacy, optician or hairdresser?

    Location : Parcent

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