A SPANISH hiker has been branded ‘irresponsible’ after being rescued from a mountain amid the coronavirus crisis.

The unidentified Basque man was saved by the Guardia Civil after falling and cutting open his genitals in the Pyrenees.

As Spain geared up for a 15-day period of isolation yesterday, the man still ventured out for a spot of hiking in Sallent de Gallego, according to Heraldo.

He is believed to have been rescued from the idyllic Ibon de Ibonciecho lake after the horror accident at around 10:30am on Saturday.

Police, a doctor and a helicopter were scrambled to locate and treat the man who sustained an ‘open wound’ to his groin.

RESCUE: The moment a helicopter descended to the mountain to attend the injured hiker

He was rushed to Huesca’s San Jorge Hospital, before being criticised by rescue teams on social media.

The Mountain Federation of the Basque Country labelled the man’s antics ‘negligent’ and ‘irresponsible’.

A statement from the organisation read: “When the authorities ask that the instructions given be respected and that unnecessary trips and potentially dangerous sports activities be stopped, is this the example we need to be setting? It’s certainly regrettable.”

The hiker’s actions came on a day when the number of people who tested positive for coronavirus in Spain reached almost 6,000.

The number of confirmed cases now stands at almost 8,000, while the death toll has risen to 288.

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