BOOKING.COM have been advising guests to cancel their bookings due to coronavirus.

In a text message sent out earlier today to travellers who have booked hotels in Spain for the near future, said: “Due to travel restrictions, you may not be able to stay at the accommodation booked.

“Cancel your reservation here,” and then proceeds to give a link.

Anastasia Revi from London, who was due to fly to Sevilla with her 15-year-old daughter at the end of March has told the Olive Press she’s happy with the decisions taken by the Spanish government and, even if it means missing out on her holiday.

“These are scary times we live in, health is the most important thing, we’ll have other opportunities to visit Sevilla.

“Just wish the UK government would follow suit and take things more seriously.”

The travel site came to this decision after the Spanish government implemented a lockdown, with many hotels throughout the country closing.

This is projected to affect tourism in the country very negatively, with tourists leaving to go back to their homes and airlines drastically reducing or even cancelling their flights.

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