YOUNG British families on coronavirus lockdown in Spain have begun organising video ‘playtime’ calls for their kids.

TJ Constant, who lives in La Herradura, started up the ‘E-Meetup’ for kids idea as citizens across Spain observe strict freedom of movement.

As of Saturday, no one can leave home except for food, medicines, medical assistance, essential work or to care for the elderly and loved ones.

“Our whole area, which is an international group of around 600 people, are all locked down,” TJ, 39, who runs the popular We Connect La Herradura WhatsApp group, told the Olive Press.

“We are all here for regular meet ups, events, and I organise a lot through WhatsApp, I manage about 15 groups.

“So today, I proposed an E-Meetup and we will do it daily. We had kids playing their guitar, juggling, showing their toys, dancing. Just to lift everyone’s spirits.”

TJ also manages a family travel blog, TravelAsTheyGrow, were he talks about the lockdown.

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