KING Felipe has sought to distance himself from his disgraced father Juan Carlos by rejecting any inheritance from his dad.

The ruling monarch, 52, also announced that former King Juan Carlos, 82 would no longer be funded by the state.

It comes after Juan Carlos, who last year netted a €194,232 salary, once again left the royals red-faced, following the Telegraph’s revelations of his secret link to offshore funds.

The British newspaper revealed that Felipe was the ‘second beneficiary’ of a fund in Panama that was founded on a €65 million cash sum from Saudi Arabia.

Juan Carlos U Felipe
FATHER AND SON: Felipe (left) and Juan Carlos (right)

It was also revealed that €5 million from the account was spent on private jet flights for Juan Carlos, who abdicated the throne in 2014.

Meanwhile, a Swiss probe has been launched into a fund named Fondation Zagatka, which also listed Felipe as a potential recipient.

The Spanish Royal Family has denied Felipe’s knowledge of this, but said ‘if this were true’ then Felipe would not receive any of the dodgy dosh.

Juan Carlos added to the royal statement by claiming that his son had no knowledge about his inclusion in the two funds.

Image From Ios
REVELATIONS: Of Juan Carlos’s dodgy dealings in the Telegraph

Carles Puigdemont, the former President of the Generalitat, poured scorn on the ex-king, claiming he was using the coronavirus pandemic ‘as a cover’.

“They have chosen when everyone is shocked by the advent of the pandemic,” the former Catalan leader said.

It comes as court proceedings began this month as Juan Carlos’s ex lover Princess Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein, claimed she’d been the victim of a ‘decade of harassment and intimidation’ from the Spanish Government.

Juan Carlos was found to have been having an affair with the German Philanthropist after being injured on an Elephant-hunting trip in Botswana.

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