RESIDENTS in apartments in the town of Los Bermejales in Sevilla were given a free rooftop workout class from a personal trainer making the most of the quarantine.

The personal trainer, known as Gonzalo, works at the Sano Sevilla Los Bermejales health centre in the town but, as with the rest of the population, has seen his business close under the lockdown.

Adamant that he did not want to let the lockdown impact people’s health, Gonzales took to the rooftops of the Mairena Del Aljarafe apartment complex and gathered residents on their balconies for a flash mob workout session.

The impromptu workout is the latest in the latest trend sweeping across Europe. 

Videos have been circulating online of quarantined residents banding together and singing, playing music and pulling together to congratulate health workers on their work against the virus.

In Italy, a video emerged of the whole neighbourhood singing a version of Mr. Mistoffelees from the film Cats.

In Madrid, residents were filmed shouting ‘Viva los Medicos’ whilst cheering and applauding the medical workers on the front line of the coronavirus outbreak.

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