A BRITISH woman has been dragged from a swimming pool in handcuffs after ignoring strict coronavirus lockdown rules.

The tourist was dragged from the water and arrested in Tenerife yesterday to jubilant cheering from onlooking guests.

Not sure she’s gonna enjoy the rest of her holiday…..?????? and the cop goes in after her….

Geplaatst door Dave Leigh op Maandag 16 maart 2020

She had earlier been lounging in the pool of Paradise Park hotel in Los Cristianos to the ire of hotel staff.

It comes as Spain has gone into a state of alarm over the covid-19 outbreak.

But footage captured the rebel holidaymaker jumping into the closed pool before yelling at a Spanish police officer who asked her to leave.

The woman, however, refused to leave despite staff forcing a police officer to strip down to his boxers and jump in to drag her out.

A second officer then pinned her down and handcuffed her before she was escorted away.


  1. She is English and English still have their Little Empire´s Great days still in the back of their heads as a nostalgic memories, for this reason you tend to think that Spain is a country that should be more permissive tan your great England. You always think you are superior despite you are great people in general. By the way, the rest of the pink sking cows watching her resscue in teh pool, who are on the balcony wearing their swimming gear, they should be in the hotel romos and not enjoying the balcony. Thye think that because they are on holidays they can do it. Remember that if one of them was catching the virus, they would have to be brought to hospital owing to their stupidity and like always an English “sorry”, and that bed in the hospital could have been used for other patient if this Brits behave themselves. I hope that your EU divorce is going to be forever trust me. I only feel mercy for the Republic and Northern Ireland becaus eI think that you did not plan before hand what could happen with the Brexit with Ireland. Boris Johnson style, in a not Shell “being stupid”.
    All the best form a Basque man who has many English friends, but your stupidity goes beyond the limits and this woman shows it.

    Location : almerias
  2. I say you Basque old chappie, that was quite a rant, what? Funny though. BTW why did you move to ‘Almerias’, was it the sun that lured you, did too much sun make you conjure up ‘pink sking cows’?

    Talking of Empires how are Spain’s 2 North African enclaves doing lately, are the Moors & others hopping over? You might remember 1588 when ‘your boys took a hell of a beating’ from the jolly old British Under Franky Drake & who now contribute massively to the Spanish economy. Most Spaniards we know are not stupid, but there are stupids in every country. Jolly spiffing to have this chat with you though.

    Location : T Wells

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