ALICANTE province has not registered any new cases of Coronavirus between Monday 16 and Tuesday 17 March.

The region’s Minister of Health, Ana Barceló, made the announcement during her daily press conference, today.

Throughout the Valencian Community, 26 new cases have been registered, 17 the province of Valencia itself, seven in Castellón and two in other others – but not Alicante.

The total is now 541 for Valenciana, with 304 in Valencia, 186 in the province of Alicante and 39 in Castellón.

The number of deaths remains at 13.


  1. hi, that would be great news, but are you sure it´s true. I do hope so, but I can´t find anything to corroborate it, in fact this article on the same day suggests that there were 103 new cases in Alicante province in the 24 hours ending Wednesday 18th March at 8pm, bringing the total in Alicante province to 185:

    Location : San Miguel de Salinas

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