A MAN has asked police to arrest him as he is fed up of being confined at home with his mum. 

The Vigo man visited the local police station yesterday where he asked them to arrest him as he was ‘tired of being at home with his mother’ due to the state of alarm and coronavirus lockdown. 

The 44-year old initially claimed he had Covid-19 during his visit to the Policia Local at 6:30pm on Tuesday. 

Police called an ambulance and after an examination, medical staff told the man that he did not have symptoms compatible with the coronavirus infection, recommending that he return home. 

However, two hours later the man returned to the station, again asking to be detained, it was then that he argued that he was outraged at having to remain at home and that he was ‘tired of being at home with his mother’. 

It comes after a 74-year-old man was caught on a street in Vigo, negotiating services with a prostitute.  

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