GALLERIES are next to close in Gibraltar after the Coronavirus pandemic grows in the peninsula.

Gibraltar’s galleries like GEMA at Montagu Bastion, the Fine Arts Gallery at Casemates and the Mario Finlayson Gallery at John Macintosh Square will close from Monday.

Measures are being put in place to move cultural education, entertainment and information online by Gibraltar Cultural Services.

There has been a total of ten confirmed Covid-19 cases in Gibraltar, with two patients fully recovered.

Many huge cultural events have been cancelled in Gibraltar as over 235,000 cases sweep the globe.

The Government has announced work on a virtual reality tour of the Mario Finlayson Gallery while the gallery remains closed, displaying information on artists and artwork.

In addition to this, online storytelling sessions will be uploaded onto the GCS social media to keep children of young ages entertained.

The same will be done with previously unseen footage, photos and interviews of artists and exhibitions of both the GEMA and Fine Arts Gallery.

“Cultural programming with shows, performances and other educational initiatives will be streamed on cultural websites and social media, either live or pre-recorded,” said the Government.

Gibraltar’s National Museum and Europa Advance Battery Observation Platform closed their doors earlier this week to increase social distancing..

CULTURAL: John Cortes has laid out new plans to make culture available at home

The Gibraltar Drama Festival was also cancelled with the event’s adjudicator deciding not to travel due to Coronavirus uncertainties.

“Cultural Services is finding a way to take Gibraltar culture into the home,” said Minister of Culture John Cortes.

“We are ensuring that we keep in touch with who we are through all those hours when many of us, especially the elderly, will be at home.”

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