BORIS Johnson has told all pubs, restaurants and gyms to close from tonight and not to reopen tomorrow, in the bid to combat coronavirus.

In a speech the PM delivered a short time ago, he said ‘literally thousands of lives’ will be saved if people followed the government’s advice.

Yesterday Mr Johnson went as far as to suggest that the country could ‘turn the tide’ against the pandemic in the next 12 weeks, if the rules are followed.

This comes as the UK death toll rises to 184.

In addition, the UK is tenth in the list of countries worldwide with the most cases of infected patients.

These new measures follow in the steps of most European countries which have closed places of social gatherings – such as Spain that introduced a lockdown last weekend, which came into effect from Monday.

Similarly to Spain where 50,000 retired doctors or medical students (nearing the end of their degrees) are being enlisted to help the health authorities, about 65,000 former NHS doctors and nurses have been sent a letter asking for their help.

More to follow.

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  1. Unfortunately Tam, the brit madia keep telling folk that young people are liable to suffer little or no symptoms. Consequently, the little sods are now off school, bored to tears, running round in mobs, spreading it hither and yon. My Brit mates also tell me that the new lack of pubs is leading to sceptical boozers forming cliques in each others houses and creating shebeens.
    You can’t keep a thick Brit down.

    Location : malaga
    • OMG hilarious, the weekly whinge is at it again, talking cajones again, thick Brit or what? The recommended test for negativity old chap is to try 21 days without a whinge or complaint as constant whinges weaken the immune system & causes premature ageing, & in current virus outbreak, you wouldn’t want the former! You are probably unaware of the worst hit countries in Europe currently, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, and that the UK is about 3 weeks behind at present which is probably why the UK Gov’t has made these latest recommendations, but keep drinking if it helps you!

      T Wells

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