THE Vatican has proposed moving the Easter processions to a different date due to coronavirus.

The leadership of the Catholic Church suggests the dates of September 14 and 15 as the most suitable for the rescheduled procession.

In a letter addressed to the dioceses, the Vatican said: “The processions of popular piety and the processions that enrich the days of Holy Week and Easter, in the judgment of each diocesan bishop, may be transferred to other convenient days.”

The decision now rests with each diocese in Spain.

This comes after Semana Santa celebrations were suspended throughout the entire country due to coronavirus, hurting the tourism industry of both Sevilla and Malaga who traditionally expect hundreds of thousands of tourists.

Antonio Luque, president of the Sevilla Hospitality Association spoke to El Pais and said: “For us, spring represents 30% of our total income.”

The economic loss of cancelling Easter processions is projected to be about €400 million, 1.3% of the local GDP.

The cancellation of Semana Santa is expected to cost around €900 million, which is 3% of the Andalucian capital’s GDP.

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