WHILE the majority of the general public obey the strict orders to remain at home, some have been out on the streets of Mallorca breaking the rules.

This was the case for one man in Palma, who has been arrested a total of three times in just four days for breaching the restrictions laid down in the royal decree. 

Officers from the Policia Nacional found the man roaming around Palma’s Parc de Estacions, despite being warned on his previous arrests this week to remain at home.

After repeatedly ignoring instructions to leave the park, the man was arrested and charged with civil disobedience. 

He was subsequently handed a restraining order, which explicitly prohibits him from frequenting any parks in the capital and to keep at least one kilometre away from Placa d’Espanya.

Meanwhile, two men were detained after they were spotted by police travelling in the same car through the Pere Garau district.

Failing to stop and ramming their car into the checkpoint, they were found a short time later in the surrounding area.

Both men were charged with civil disobedience and a crime against traffic safety. 

The arrests come as the Guardia Civil step up traffic controls on the island’s roads and highways.

As part of ‘Operation Cage’, this morning, some 1,500 vehicles were inspected in just three hours.

It aims to catch and fine citizens who flout the lockdown rules, those who are unable to justify using their car or people caught travelling in groups.

Controls will continue throughout the weekend, with checkpoints set up throughout the capital as well as on the Inca, Andratx and Manacor highways. 


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