AT least 200 cars have been ordered to turn back while attempting to reach parts of Andalucia’s coast. 

According to IDEAL, hundreds of people have tried to access the Granada coastline and La Alpujarra, where they have second homes.

It comes despite the ongoing coronavirus lockdown which has banned all non-essential travel.

Meanwhile, yesterday saw 30,000 checkpoints set up across the country to stop those planning on defying the royal decree.

The drivers sent home between yesterday and today reportedly came from inland Granada, Madrid and Jaen.

Motorway exits almost collapsed due to the amount of cars having to turn around while scores of drivers were also caught trying to reach the coast via rural roads.

More than 30 were fined but none were arrested.

According to police, drivers were filled with excuses as to why they were defying the travel ban.

One said he was ‘going to feed the chickens’ while another claimed ‘I have a grandma on the beach and she is alone and waiting for us to bring her food.’

Others claimed their homes had been robbed and they were going to assess the damage.

The checkpoints will remain in place for the whole weekend.

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