AN ACTIVITY website for people with Alzheimer’s has been set up for those requiring ongoing cognitive stimulation during the confinement. 

The Relatives of Alzheimer’s Patients in Valencia Association has created the ‘Cerebro Activo’ (active brain) section on its website to provide cognitive and physical stimulation to Alzheimer’s sufferers as day centres where people could previously attend have closed due to the coronavirus lockdown. 

The AFAV have reportedly been working from home to create this section to help families at home with an Alzheimer’s sufferer. 

President of the association, Ana Maria Ruiz, explained that the initiative emerged after day centres had to be closed and so ‘we continue to work so that quality of life does not diminish.’  

Ruiz went on to say: “Active Brain has been well received by families of AFAV users who are already using it”. 

A relative of a user, Maria Carmen Granero, said that ‘it is a page that everyone can access with all kinds of exercises such as cognitive, physical, playful and music therapy’. 

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