OPERATION BALMIS began this morning, March 23, with the Special Operations (MOE) of Rabasa pulling up in Orihuela.

Moe Orihuela
MOE IN TOWN: Green Berets welcomed by Orihuela officials

Local Mayor, Emilio Bascuñana, welcomed them to the city, along with his Councillor for Emergencies, Víctor Valverde.

The introduction of armed forces is to, ‘recognise areas of trouble and check that citizens comply with the conditions of confinement,’ according to a council press release.

The commandos met, and are expected to work with, Orihuela Local Police, Civil Guard and National Police.

In all, 20 ‘boinas verdes’ (green berets) will tour the locality to provide ‘security and tranquillity,’ with a view to preventing the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

They will also report any infringements of sanctions imposed during the country’s State of Emergency.

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