IT was a common scenario… 

People would fall in love with an off-plan property (not built yet). Beautiful drawings. Maybe some good property scale models involved. A paid trip to Spain (including accommodation). A gorgeous area with more than 300 days a year of sunshine. 

All this combined with a powerful dream: moving to Spain one day and living a much happier life here.

Then the inevitable happened…

Buyers were asked for an initial deposit. Why not pay it? After all, it’s the usual way to secure a home. Then it hit: the financial crisis. 

Many property developers and building companies went bankrupt. 

People’s deposits sank into the ocean, forgotten on the seabed. All that money paid in good faith disappeared… well, not completely. 

Did you lose money on an off-plan deposit? Please keep reading.

But there’s good news…

A Spanish Supreme Court ruling from 2015 obliges banks to repay the money that investors put down on off-plan properties that were sold.

In other words, if you paid a deposit for an off-plan property and the developer went bankrupt, it’s the bank’s responsibility to pay it back to you.

However, despite the Supreme Court ruling, the majority of banks will not pay your deposit without court proceedings. 

And here is where a reputable law firm, with the professional knowledge on this kind of procedure, should enter the scene.

How to salvage your sunken money…

Unlike other legal services, in order to recover your money from the bank, we won’t charge you any upfront fees; only a success fee. 

Yes. This means: ‘no win no fee’.  No surprises. No unexpected charges during the deposit recovery process. No court fees.

We are so confident we can help you that we can offer you getting your money back at ‘zero risk’. 

This way you won’t feel you’re putting more money on an apparently ‘lost cause’. So, let us ask you, is there anything to lose from your side? 

No. Nothing. You won’t lose a single cent of Euro in this procedure. We will recover your money, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, on a ‘no win no fee’ basis.

What is required…?

Only one thing: that you provide us with all the information you have, such as contracts, bank statements showing deposit transfers, or any receipts if the payment channels were different to bank transfers. 

We will go through a preliminary study to make sure we have enough documentation to start the legal process. But before the preliminary study we would love to speak with you. Would you like us to salvage your sunken money from the seabed? 

If so, please send us an email at We will get back to you shortly.

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