A MAYOR in the province of Cadiz has had to work at a nursing home because they don’t have enough staff.

Rafael Aguilera who is mayor of Alcala del Valle has been working at the town’s nursing home since Thursday morning, after many of the workers contracted coronavirus.

The centre at the moment has 58 cases of people testing positive with Covid-19, 38 residents and 20 workers.

The Mayor is unhappy over the fact that there are no ‘cleaners, doctors, assistants or nurses’ to tend to the elderly, despite the fact that the Junta has said they would sort it out since Friday.

“They told me they were going to take charge and that I should leave,” he said.

“Today is Monday and the elderly are being looked after by the workers who tested negative.”

The Mayor along with five members of the local council are helping to look after these elderly.

Carmen Rodriguez, who is the granddaughter of one of the residents who tested positive said: “If it weren’t for them, our elderly would be alone.”

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