A TOTAL of 70 members of the far right Vox party from Cordoba have completed their voluntary 17-day coronavirus quarantine.

No infections have been reported after they learned that party leader, Javier Ortega had contracted the virus.

The 8M party conference was held in Vistalegre near Madrid on March 9, where almost 9,000 representatives of the party and public officials travelled from all over Spain.

Shortly after the meeting, Vox Secretary General Javier Ortega and party leader Santiago Abascal tested positive for the virus and self-quarantined, promising to work from home and cancelling all Vox party engagements. 

The rest of the party attending the conference did the same and according to Vox, all members have completed the quarantine period with no further cases.

The event was criticised nationwide as Ortega was spotted coughing and struggling for breath, but continued to greet hundreds of party supporters.

He was also a key figure in the party’s general assembly attended by more than 600 party representatives.

In a statement issued by Vox regarding the event, the party admitted it had considered cancelling the event but felt it would give off a negative message to the country at the time.

“It would have been irresponsible to cause alarm by suspending a public event while the rest of the country functioned normally,” a spokesperson said.


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