MADRID’S department of health has denied taking ventilators from critical patients aged 65 and over.

Sources from the Department of Health de Madrid said they have enough ventilators in their intensive care units (UCIs) including a surplus to treat new coronavirus patients.

“We are fighting to save the lives of ALL our patients,” Tweeted Alejo Miranda de Larra, director general of Madrid’s Medical Infrastructure body.

The denial follows a viral video of a Spanish man calling the moves ‘genocide’.

“I find it hard to convey this message, I have tears rolling down my cheeks.

“I’ve received a couple of audio messages, telling me that ventilators are being removed from people over 65 in Madrid.

“Because there aren’t enough ventilators and they want to give those they have to the young.”

A voice note played during the video from a supposed nurse then confirms ‘sedating’ elderly patients and holding their hands as they ‘die’.

“We’re told to put on a brave face. Cry at home, cry at night, but go to work the next morning.”

Spanish fact checking site has revealed the man in the video is not a doctor.

Sources from Spain’s central Ministry of Health denied they would refuse ventilators to patients over 70.

It comes as popular Granada-based doctor known as Spiriman has also removed a viral video claiming Madrid was pilfering ventilators from Andalucia.


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