A MAN has been arrested for civil disobedience after encouraging mass suicide outside a supermarket in Palma de Mallorca.

The 26-year-old Swiss national preached to customers leaving and entering the store that ‘the world is ending and we are all going to be killed by coronavirus.’ 

Claiming that he had a cure for COVID-19 up for sale, the man also encouraged citizens to take their own lives.  

After receiving numerous complaints from residents, a Policia Nacional patrol was dispatched to the scene. 

As officers arrived, the man fled on foot and was later found hiding out in the surrounding area.

Investigators say the man had been arrested a few days prior for inciting suicide outside another supermarket in the capital.

It comes as the police have handed out over 1,000 penalties in the last four days for non-compliance to the lockdown.

This includes a 59-year-old man who was caught jogging in Calvia’s El Toro district on three separate occasions.

A family was also sanctioned for taking their boat out from the Port de Soller.

They had claimed that they were unaware of the self-confinement restrictions.


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