PEPE Reina believes he has become the latest footballer to have coronavirus.

The 37-year-old, who is on loan at Aston Villa from AC Milan, has not been tested but started to feel sick last week.

He said: “It was my turn to go through the bug.

“Speaking to the doctors, the symptoms I had were of it, without official confirmation of it but everything pointed to it.

“We are very privileged people. 

“We have a big house, with a garden. 

“I think of the people who live in a 70 metres squared flat with two children and for me they are people who are showing a lot of strength.”

The Spaniard also made it clear that a return to action is the last thing on his mind.

“Football takes a back seat. 

“I don’t care much, really. 

“Everyone’s wellbeing goes above anything else.

This comes after the Premier League has been suspended until at least the end of April, with UEFA competitions also being pushed back.


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