THE Sporting Director of the LCR Honda MotoGP team has shared his personal experience on social media about the tragic loss of his father to the coronavirus.

Having seen the first part of the MotoGP World Championship cancelled due to Covid_19, Oscar Haro has shared the personal side of the crisis and the struggle he is facing regarding the death of his father.

In the six minute long video, Haro, visibly distraught, explains the frustration that he is feeling that his father did not receive the proper care that could have prevented his death.

“No one should die alone. My father started working at the age of 14 until he was 65. He never asked for anything” he said.

LCR Team’s Sporting Director Oscar Haro tells of his personal anguish at the loss of his father

“His generation has been the one who built this country, its swamps, roads, agriculture, working 14 hours a day, coming out of a postwar period. And we are letting them die.” 

Haro goes on to explain that his personal doctor phoned him in tears, asking for permission to let his father die, and denying him a respirator due to a shortage of equipment.

Haro’s mother has also tested positive for the virus and is currently quarantined, not permitted visitors or any contact as she falls into the vulnerable category.

“My mother continues locked up at home, unable to hug her, kiss her, comfort her … She tested positive and does not want to return to the hospital because she fears that they will also let her die,” he explains.

Oscar’s experiences have highlighted the very real side of the healthcare system that is currently at breaking point thanks to the virus.

Reports of government rulings that suggest anyone over the age of 75 are being “sacrificed” to help treat the younger victims by being denied vital life saving treatments are echoed by Haro in his video.

Families are becoming increasingly angry that in a country with such high levels of social security payments and a government that constantly praises the levels of healthcare in Spain that hospitals are not using proper protective equipment and denying treatments because of shortages.

Check out the entire video here

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