NAVAL Station Rota is on increased security measures after one of their US sailors tested positive for the deadly coronavirus it was revealed.

The US military put out a statement yesterday that the unidentified service member was currently self isolating under government guidelines.

“The member is currently restricted to their residence, receiving supportive and medical care in accordance with the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention and host nation guidelines,” the Navy said.

Anyone who has been in contact with the service member has also been notified and is under self isolation. 

The American Naval base in south western Andalucia has implemented strict measures to contain the virus.

All non essential services have been shut down and workers are encouraged to work remotely from their homes and to employ social distancing procedures. 

The announcement comes after the US overtakes the source of the virus, China in terms of infected, including eight Navy personnel from the USS Theodore Roosevelt currently stationed in the Pacific.

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