SPAIN has seen another record day in terms of deaths from coronavirus with 838 dying from the disease between Saturday and Sunday. 

It brings the total number of deaths to 6,582 with the number of confirmed cases reaching 78,797.

According to data from the Health Ministry, there were 6,549 fresh cases confirmed this morning.

While the figure represents a 9% increase on the previous 24 hours, it also proves that the rate of infection has been in a steady decline since Tuesday.

The increase in infection rate has generally been on the decline since last Thursday, when it reached 25%.

Experts hope this means the peak and ensuing decline in cases are arriving soon.

Meanwhile, in the past 24 hours alone, some 2,424 COVID-19 patients have been cured (a total of 14,709 since the epidemic began).

Madrid, the worst-hit region, is also showing positive trends.

While it registered 325 new deaths on Sunday, it is a drop of 20 from Saturday while the number of infections has also fallen.

As of Sunday, there are 22,677 cases in the region, an increase of 1,157.

While still on the up, it’s much lower than the 2,277 increase recorded on Saturday.

It means Madrid saw its infection rate cut in half in 24 hours.

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