THE coronavirus death toll has increased for the second consecutive day in Spain. 

The country registered 757 deaths on Wednesday, up from the 743 recorded on Tuesday, bringing the total killed by COVID-19 to 14,555.

Meanwhile, the real number of deceased is being questioned. It comes as only patients which have had a coronavirus diagnosis confirmed before dying are being counted due to a shortage of tests.

Spain also saw its infection rate jump for the second day in a row, with 6,180 new cases confirmed today (up from 5,478 on Tuesday), bringing the total number to 146,690.

Controversially, the number of people admitted to the ICU on a national level has not been published today.

It comes as the autonomous communities continue to report their ICU figures differently, with some opting for a rolling total and others revising down their numbers once patients have left intensive care.

Their numbers are detailed below.


Madrid continues to be the worst-affected region with 42,450 cases and with 1,450 people currently in intensive care. The central region has recorded 5,586 deaths while 19,836 patients have recovered.

Catalunya is the second-hardest hit with 29,647 confirmed cases (up from 28,323 the day before), and 3,041 deaths (up from 2,908 on Tuesday).

Castilla-La Mancha has recorded 11,788 cases as of Wednesday, with 354 current ICU patients and 1,255 deaths. Some 1,557 have recovered.

Castilla y Leon has 10,058 cases with 342 patients currently in ICU. It has recorded 1,028 deaths and 2,988 recovered.

The Basque Country has 9,452 confirmed cases while 430 people have been in intensive care. It has registered 635 deaths while 4,151 have recovered.

Andalucia has registered 8,997 cases with 520 people visiting the ICU since the start of the epidemic. It has seen 605 deaths and 1,041 recoveries.

Valencia has seen 7,655 cases while 371 patients are currently in the ICU. It has seen 724 COVID-19 deaths while 1,344 have recovered.

Galicia has seen 6,538 coronavirus cases with 158 passing through the ICU.

Aragon has recorded 3,549 infections as of Wednesday, with a rolling total of 255 ICU patients, 605 deaths and 659 recoveries.

La Rioja has recorded 2,951 cases while Extremadura has 2,184 with 98 currently in the ICU, 271 dead and 328 recovered.

Asturias has 1,795 confirmed cases with 91 ICU admissions, 102 deaths and 294 recovered.

The Balearic Islands have 1,412 COVID-19 cases with 129 in the ICU, 89 killed and 616 recovered.

The Canary Islands have recorded 1,762 cases with 138 having been in the ICU and 91 killed against 175 recovered.

In Cantabria, there have been 1,572 cases with 69 in intensive care, 92 killed and 175 recovered.

Murcia is the region with the least number of cases (1,326), with 142 having been to ICU and 206 dying against 450 recovered.

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