THE UK is famous for its dull and gloomy weather.

It’s also famous for Brits who love to sunbathe in parks and go to beer gardens the minute the weather gets anywhere near to 20?.

That’s been the worry here in London for the past week, now that the weather is so gorgeous and sunny.

It’s also the worry for this upcoming bank holiday weekend, when on Saturday the temperature will reach 25? – definitely helps not to miss the Costa del Sol as much.

I understand it’s so tempting to go to a park to enjoy the weather when you don’t have a garden or a balcony, which is why there were quite a few people breaking lockdown rules last weekend and the police were having to tell them to disperse.

I’m lucky enough to have a garden at my parent’s home here in London, where we enjoyed a barbecue on Sunday.

Even though I’m working seven days a week, it’s definitely a lot easier when you’re outside in a beautiful garden, which is what I’ve been doing all week.

People however do seem to be taking social distancing rules generally very seriously, as I even saw a queue outside the post office for the first time, only allowing one person in at a time.

Queues at supermarkets are still in place and people are largely abiding by them as well.

Now if we can just find a way to prevent people using the parks for anything other than their daily exercise, then we’ll be perfect.

Hopefully when the situation gets better and life goes back to normal, we’ll have this sort of weather again and not the normal grey we’re used to.

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