A FINNISH expat has been arrested in the province of Malaga for breaking lockdown rules and running around naked.

Policia Nacional arrested the man in Fuengirola, on the Costa del Sol and charged him with repeated disobedience, as this was not the first time he had been caught breaking lockdown.

The police received a call from a worried neighbour saying that a man was running around without any clothes, shouting he had coronavirus.

Officers descended on the scene and located an ‘aggressive’ man who ignored their instructions, so they arrested him and charged him.

Once they searched the man’s details in their database, the agents realised that this was not the first time he had been apprehended for breaking lockdown rules.

The police have taken the opportunity to remind citizens that they can only leave their homes in order to purchase food or pharmaceutical products, go to the hospital, go to care for the old and vulnerable, or travel to and from the workplace.

The statement read: “All activities must be carried out individually, except when accompanying a person with a disability or for any justified cause.

“The police of the province of Malaga will ensure the application of these measures.”


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