THE nationwide lockdown is unlikely to end on April 26 despite Spain beginning to bring its coronavirus epidemic ‘under control’. 

Pedro Sanchez told congress today that he is ‘convinced’ he will ask for yet another extension within 15 days.

The prime minister made the comments in front of Spanish MPs (deputies of congress) as he urged them to vote in favour of the current proposed extension to April 26.

“The global magnitude of this pandemic is terrifying,” the PSOE leader said, “These are shockingly extraordinary times that require exceptional measures.

“Confinement remains an essential measure. The State of Alarm is working and we can see how the fire that unleashed the pandemic is being brought under control.

“We are starting to see the end of the road and we cannot back down.”

Screenshot 2020 03 14 At 2 28 14 Pm
WE CANNOT BACK DOWN: Pedro Sanchez says lockdown likely to be extended

Sanchez went on to assure that the Government was already working with a team of experts to design a ‘deescalation plan’ once the country is ready to begin lifting lockdown restrictions.

The crack team is designing a ‘new normality with individual and collective hygiene, sanitary and technological measures to control the pandemic.’

Scientists have established ‘markers’, Sanchez said, which will determine the rate of success in the battle against COVID-19 in the coming weeks.

“All steps taken will be staggered and done so very cautiously,” Sanchez added.

The first restrictions to be lifted will likely be those covered by the latest decree, issued 10 days ago.

“The government,” added Sanchez, “has always followed and will always follow the advice of the WHO.”


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