A MALAGA Film Festival producer and director has let the spirit of the event live on despite the Spain’s lockdown.

Jose Enrique Sanchez has been projecting movies onto his neighbour’s house every night in his home neighbourhood of San Isidro, El Palo.

Sanchez works as an audiovisual coordinator for the annual festival which has this year been postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak.

After standing on his balcony one evening as the neighbourhood cheered the emergency services he came up with the idea of bringing the festival back to life after noticing the large white house across the street.

He began playing music videos first and fun videos for the children and it turned into an immediate success.

“I start at 9.15pm every night and if ever I am a little late, the whole street cheer and clap shouting ‘let it start, the audience is leaving’”, explained Sanchez.

People are also submitting requests for the director to play on his projector.

Families send in videos of children’s birthday parties and Easter parades and personalised videos for their children to lift their spirits during the crisis.

Every day he uses his editing skills to make videos from the submissions and has become a vital part in keeping the areas morale high.

His neighbour whose large villa hosts the movies is fully on board with the scheme.

“On the second night I asked him to turn his lights off during the movie and every night now he turns off his lights and sits out on his porch with his family to watch the showing,” said Sanchez.


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