THREE people have been arrested in Andalucia as alleged perpetrators of attacks on police officers.

Two of those arrested in Cadiz were the administrators of a WhatsApp group in which messages were sent to organise attacks on police officers.

A third person, a participant in the chat, was also arrested after warning of a false robbery in order to throw objects at the agents who arrived at the scene.

Through this group, audios and messages were sent to organise public disorder and the attacks on the police. 

The chat was made up of around 100 people, most of them located in Algeciras.

At a press conference, the chief commissioner of the Policia Nacional, Jose Garcia Molina, explained that tracking carried out by agents allowed the detection of the WhatsApp group, with agents making quick efforts to minimise or cancel the actions that were being planned.

All three arrested have been arrested as alleged perpetrators of public disorder and attacks on police officers.

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