SECURITY in Alicante has been increased after over 2,000 cars had been intercepted on Tuesday, alone.

Main roads in and out of the city have had more troops deployed, as citizens inland attempt to travel to second homes for Easter on or near the coast.

Alicante Shield 1
POLICE CHECKS: Addresses checked and boots inspected

Although social media was awash this week with images of traffic jams heading out of Madrid, the General Directorate of Traffic was quick to explain.

The extra traffic wasn’t due to increased volume, but merely because of their roadside checks.

Jos Ram N Gonz Lez

And although significant increases in transience were not reported, Alicante Local Police identified 2,250 on Tuesday 7th, more than any other day during the pandemic.

Monday 6th saw only 1,011 cars intercepted, suggesting a surge in people travelling into the area as the weekend nears.

Alicante’s Councillor for Citizen Security, José Ramón González, announced on Wednesday that, “we will not let anyone go to their second homes on the beaches.”

He continued, “This is not the time to make trips and trips that are not allowed.”


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