A RECENT study has suggested that 87.8% of Spaniards believe the opposition parties should support the Government through the coronavirus crisis.

According to the Centre for Sociological Research (CIS), just over 10% believe that the opposition should be allowed to scrutinise and criticise as much as they want.

In addition, 91.4% believe that when the pandemic ends, the parties should make an effort to try to reach agreements in the face of the economic and labour crisis.

The Government’s management of the COVID-19 situation has inspired no confidence in 47.8% of citizens, compared to 46.5% who are satisfied.

When asked whether the situation would be any different if the PP leader, Pablo Casado was in charge, 18.5% of citizens think he would handle it better, whereas 22.9% believe the opposite.

Over half the population, at 54.5% would like more information about the disease.

In the latest polls, PSOE is still the party that has the highest attraction among voters at 31.2%, even though this fell by 0.7% since the previous one.

PP follows in second with 21.1%, experiencing the highest rise in the polls, with a 1.5% increase compared to January.

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