A gynecologist from Barcelona has been left shaken after vile attacks on her car and property after she was accused of spreading the virus through her apartment building.

Silvina Bonino, from the El Poblenou area of Barcelona, was going to her car to travel to the iDona Clinic when she noticed it had been vandalised.

Written across the side in spray paint was the words “contagious rat” and she had had her tyres slashed.

In shock, Bonino went back upstairs to compose herself, then borrowed a car from her parents to make sure she got to work to attend to her patients.

“I went upstairs quickly a little in shock , I have never had problems with anyone”, says Dr. Bonino.

“I showed my husband and my young children a photo of the car, which is what worries me the most, they were at the entrance and they saw it too.”

Dr. Bonino believes she is a victim of a group of vandals who have also placed posters up in her apartment block threatening supermarket workers and healthcare staff that they are not welcome in the block until the pandemic passes.

She also believes that the vandalism could be related to her husband who is of Chinese origin, but has been living in Spain since he was 7-years-old.

The Mossos d’Esquadra are currently investigating the situation but Dr. Bonino understands that it will be difficult to find the culprits thanks to the absence of security cameras or security guards in the car park.

This is not the first time that “vigilante justice” has been attempted during the crisis.

In Murcia, a supermarket checkout worker received a note under door reading, We are your neighbors and we want to ask you for the good of everyone to find another home for the duration of this, since we have seen that you work in a supermarket and many people live here. We don’t want risks. Thank you”.

In a response to the note on social media she responded, “To the brave ones who leave anonymous notes under my door, Yes, I work in a supermarket and thanks to us, all of you can eat every day. I have to give cleaning lessons when I’m the first to come home and I can’t kiss my children until I have cleaned and disinfected. Instead of so much applause at eight in the afternoon, have a little more than empathy for the people who have to work and have family. By the way, thank you for making a 10-year-old boy cry after he found the note.”

Another doctor at the Mancha Centro hospital in Alcázar de San Juan had a similar experience.

“Hello neighbor. We know of your good work in the hospital and it is appreciated but you should also think about your neighbours. There are children and old people. There are places like Barataria (a hotel) where they are hosting professionals. While this lasts, I ask you to think about moving.” the note read.

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