ONE of Malaga’s most spectacular and unique hiking trails has to be El Caminito del Rey (The Kings’s Little Pathway).

Located between the towns of Alora, Antequera and Ardales, it sits in one of the most beautiful spots in the Malaga mountains and was first opened by King Alfonso XIII in 1921.

Surrounded by unique natural landscapes, the trail stretches between two gorges, canyons and a large valley, along pathways or boardwalks.

The route, once considered the most dangerous in the world, is almost 8 km long, and takes from three to four hours to be crossed.

Since its re-inauguration on March 28, 2015, the recovery project of El Caminito del Rey carried out by the Malaga Provincial Council has received numerous awards, both nationally and internationally including the ‘Europa Nostra’, the most important award at a European level in terms of heritage.

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AWARDS: El Caminito del Rey has received numerous awards, both nationally and internationally including the ‘Europa Nostra’ Award.

You can enjoy The Caminito del Rey from the comfort of your sofa in three different ways:

1. By enjoying 360º views of 40 different stunning points on the trail.

Check out the glass balcony railway tunnels, the view point from the railway wall or hanging footbridge.

2. Watch a series of videos explaining the history behind the Hydroelectric Power complex, the reason the trail was built, as well as the proposal to be included on the World Heritage List, amongst other footage.

3. Virtual visit, follow the arrow and enjoy animal and plant life from a unique stand point, enjoy the dizzy heights whilst sitting in the safety of your living room.

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