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The Protec Group, comprising a team of over 40 talented specialists in their fields, has grown from strength to strength since its establishment in 1996. Back then, CEO and founder André Jensen, who at the time worked in sales, chanced upon the opportunity to launch a company that was centred on windows and doors, and Protec Ventanas was born. Just four years later, in 2000, the company expanded into construction and Protec Construcciones was born. Today, the group has a third fundamental pillar: Protec Distribuciones, dedicated to the acquisition and distribution of high-quality construction products which are otherwise unavailable in Spain. As is evident, Protec Group is constantly ready to adapt to changing and extended demands.

The company is located in Mijas / Fuengirola and has three large warehouses and offices, with numerous departments filled with dynamic teams of specialists. The group is specialized in top quality windows and doors, offering discerning clients features like thermal insulation, anti-theft protection, and energy-savings. Windows that are made to measure can help a home save up to 60 per cent of lost energy, by keeping heat out in warmer months and bringing warmth in, in colder ones.

Protec Group got into construction because as the client base grew, and many began asking if they knew of someone reliable to take large-scale construction work. The company began creating vital synergies with many trusted suppliers, and today, they have a tight-knit group comprising reliable specialists in everything within in the construction industry.

Renovations are another big source of business for Protec. Some clients simply request the refurbishment of their pool and garden areas; others might require for a complete change. All the workers have ample experience in Germany, UK and Spain and they are familiar with the construction methods used in each of these countries, including those pertaining to cold/heat insulation, anti-humidity protection, etc. Protec essentially provides all the construction work clients need, from start to finish, offering a complete turnkey service so that clients do not have to worry about licences and bureaucratic matters.

Andre Jensen

The key value that has led the Protec name from success to success is dependability. The team works in close conjunction with architects, ensuring all projects have appropriate building licences – a matter that has become far more stringent in the past few years. Over the years, Protec has also built key relationships with plumbers, electricians, floor specialists – just about every service required to build a home. Protec’s current projects extend from Nerja to Sotogrande, varying greatly in nature and size.

Protec is a friendly, international team that is ready to take all the work of reformation or complete construction off your hands. If you simply wish to change a door or window or you are after energy-efficient solutions for your home, give them a call. The responsible team members of the Protec Group are ready to provide you many options that can make a true change to your quality of life.

Protec Group
Camino Pera de Agua 81-104
Pol. Industrial Los Perales
Mijas, Málaga.
Tel: 952 587 573.


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