THE Spanish jewellery house TOUS has announced it will give a piece of jewellery to all women who have given birth since the start of confinement in Spain.

The jewellery store has started this initiative in honour of Mother’s Day, which is celebrated in Spain on May 3.

The brand wants to ‘pay tribute’ to all those mothers who have had their baby during the pandemic and confinement situation and who have had to face the uncertainty generated by the COVID-19 health crisis.

The company has prepared a selection of jewellery so that mothers can choose the piece that ‘will remind them of such a special vital moment’, as reported by the company in a statement.

TOUS: The Bear its unique and unmistakable icon, symbol of tenderness and fun.

“Giving birth under normal circumstances can be daunting, during confinement the uncertainties and fears multiplicate,” the company said.

“A moment the mother has to go through in solitude, without contact or a hug from family and friends.

“TOUS has wanted to honour these brave mothers with a gift.”

TOUS has also created a video starring real women who have given birth in recent days to highlight ‘their courage and sacrifice in these difficult times, without forgetting that, despite everything, there is always life and a light of hope.’

All women who have given birth during quarantine until Mother’s Day are entitled to receive a gift from the company.

For those mothers who have recently given birth and want a special token to remember the occasion, fill in the form on the company’s web page

2020 marks 100 years since TOUS was founded. The Bear its unique and unmistakable icon, symbol of tenderness, fun and the youthful spirit of the company.

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