ANDALUCIA wants children in the region to return to school on May 15. 

Junta president Juanma Moreno told Ser in an interview this morning that he considers it a priority to have schools reopened between May and June.

He said the date could be May 15 and argued that it would be good for the children to have one month to end the school term while allowing parents to get back to work.

“If parents want to work, they need children to go to school,” he said.

Moreno criticised the central government for not giving ‘any clues’ on how the lifting of lockdown restrictions will take place from May 10, the scheduled date for the end of the state of alarm.

The Partido Popular leader confirmed that Andalucia is preparing its own plan, which will see municipalities or areas which have recorded no coronavirus cases have their restrictions lifted first, although he did not mention any towns by name.

A special committee has been working on which towns to choose for the first phase of lockdown deescalation for the past nine days.

The region will also be reevaluating protocols in nursing homes after seeing 391 deaths due to COVID-19.

However Moreno said that the incidence among residents in care homes (391 cases out of 41,000 residents) was much lower than other regions.

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