AS the majority of the general public continue to adhere to the lockdown restrictions, one troublemaker was caught taking a dump inside a park in Palma de Mallorca.

Policia Nacional officers stumbled upon a brazen 62-year-old Spaniard relieving himself in Parc des Estacions, a public space strictly off limits to civilians.

As he was ordered to stop what he was doing and pull up his trousers, the man proceeded to attack the agents with his walking stick.

He was handcuffed and hauled back to the police station, where he was charged with civil disobedience and assault.

Meanwhile, another man was detained after threatening to kill his parents while wielding a machete, screwdriver and scissors.

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DEADLY: The haul of weapons seized

Investigators said the family dispute was centred upon the son frequently spending nights away from home to visit his friends.

Tensions had reached an all time high when the youngster became adamant that he wanted to go outside again to sell his motorcycle.

After his father refused to hand over the vehicle’s documentation, the son grabbed the deadly haul of weapons from his bedroom.

The emergency services were soon called with the young man arrested for a crime of intimidation with violence.

It comes as police forces are preparing to bolster up patrols over the weekend to ensure that the first stage of lifting the lockdown restrictions are obeyed.

From Sunday April 26, children aged 14 and under will be allowed to leave the house for exercise for the first time since confinement was enforced on March 14.

On the condition that they accompanied by an adult, youngsters will finally be able to enjoy fresh air between the hours of 9am and 9pm for no more than an hour per day.

Officials believe that some may take advantage of this relaxation, meaning that a heavy police presence is expected on the streets.

Photo by Allan Binderup.

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