A 26-YEAR-OLD man from Velez-Malaga has been arrested for a violent scuffle with Policia Local officers.

The incident occurred at around midnight yesterday on Avenida Juan Carlos I when officers attended the scene of a traffic accident.

As the police exited their car, the man, high on drugs, got in the driver’s seat of the patrol car.

He then tried to drive away, leading to a violent scuffle causing one of the officers minor injuries.

He was eventually detained and was found to have 50 grammes of cannabis on him as well as €2,000 in cash.

Moments earlier, the crazed youth was involved in high speed chase through the narrow streets of Caleta de Velez.

He had approached a local officer in an agitated state, stressing that ‘they want to kill us’ before fleeing at full speed.

Thanks to his crazed actions, the man has had his licence suspended and is now at the mercy of the local courts which will decide on his punishment.

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