RECENT studies have shown that massive doses of Vitamin C are proving beneficial in treating hospitalised patients.

The New York Post recently published that severely ill people in New York’s largest state hospital system were being given ‘massive doses of Vitamin C,’ a tactic said to have helped those hit the hardest in China.

Jason Molinet, a spokesman for Northwell, said that Vitamin C is being ‘widely used’ as a coronavirus treatment throughout the health system. He noted, however, that the amount given to patients varies.

At one Long Island centre, doctors are treating patients with 1,500 mg daily intravenous Vitamin C – 16 times the recommended daily dose.

Results show that patients who have received large doses of Vitamin C are doing ‘significantly better.’

Results show that patients who have received this treatment ‘are doing significantly better.’ So what does Vitamin C do to our bodies? Read below, with four other health boosting tips.

1. Vitamin C is a vitamin that plays an important role in immunity and is important to incorporate into the daily diet as the human body does not produce it naturally.

Being rich in antioxidants, which fights off free radicals in the body, it can help delay everything from ageing to heart disease and specific types of cancer.

Vitamin C is not a panacea against a cold or flu, but it can speed up recovery and may help illness from gaining a foothold in the body.

2. Ginger helps blood circulation, it is also antibacterial and digestive and can give a helping hand with curing colds.

3. Nuts like cashew kernels, almonds or hazelnuts are good sources of protein and aid with formation of immune cells.

Nuts are also effective energy suppliers and support the muscle and bone structure.

Zinc and magnesium, contained in the nuts, ensure that free radicals can be combated.

4. Physical activity is a proven way to strengthen the immune system. Body movement keeps the blood circulation in motion and keeps the mucous membranes moist.

Physical activity contributes to muscle building and strengthens the body’s defence cells.

Outdoor exercise in the fresh air is best, especially in sunlight where the body can absorb Vitamin D. Vitamin D is important for normal growth and development of bones and teeth, as well as improved resistance against certain diseases. Unfortunately during coronavirus lockdown in Spain, outdoor exercise is still not permitted.

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Physical activity contributes to muscle building and strengthens the body’s defence cells.

5. Sleep and relaxation help break down accumulated stress which lowers the body’s immune system.

Sleep is fundamental in the healing and repair of heart and blood vessels.

One of the best medicines is also laughter.

Laughter can relieve stress and release happiness hormones that stimulate the limbic system.

Disclaimer: The above tips don’t dispense having a balanced nutrition and are not an antidote or cure for coronavirus, but combined, they can help boost the natural defences of the body.

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