THE Guardia Civil has had to track down a coronavirus patient who left the hospital in La Rioja and went to go buy a coffee.

The woman was a patient at Fundacion Hospital in Calahorra after she contracted COVID-19.

Nurses called the Guardia Civil when they noticed the woman was missing and hadn’t told any of the medical staff.

The agents found her sitting on a bench on Avenida Valvanera.

When they asked her why she’d left, she answered that she went to buy some coffee.

The area was then evacuated to avoid any pedestrians coming into contact with the patient and she was then taken back to the hospital.

The local authorities were then notified and a thorough disinfection of the cafe she purchased the coffee, along with the bench she sat on, took place.

It is unknown whether the woman will face any punishment for leaving the hospital without prior authorisation.

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