THE Guardia Civil have fined 83 individuals out of 120 for participating in a ‘clandestine’ cockfight in Sevilla’s El Palmar de Troya.

Footage shows the Guardia Civil raiding the grounds where the cockfighting was taking place, taking by surprise a group of over 120 individuals.

Credit: Guardia Civil

Many of the individuals start to flee from the area but 83 participants were detained and identified, many of them with previous police records.

Those detained were denounced for non-compliance with the measures established in Spain’s declared state of alarm, as well as crimes of animal abuse.

Seven cocks were found dead with evident signs of having died during a fight.

The dead birds have no identification marks while a probe has been launched to determine if they were stolen.

The ‘Spanish fighting cock’ is a highly sought-after variety of the bird. Some specimens reach a high price on the black market, seeing frequent thefts of the birds from farms located in the province of Sevilla.

The breeding and registration of cocks is regulated in Andalucia, but gambling on the blood sport is illegal.

Betting notes were found and cash exceeding €40,000.


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