AN attempted burglary went spectacularly wrong in Malaga on Sunday after a man dressed as Spiderman fell nearly seven metres from an apartment balcony.

The incident occurred in the early hours when a young man and his partner were awoken by a noise coming from the kitchen.

He went to investigate and was shocked to find a man donning Spiderman mask and gloves rifling through draws in his kitchen.

Startled, the hapless burglar made a run for it out of an open window.

Managing to make his way across a tight ledge, he tried to hang on to some guttering but his weight proved too much and the pipework broke, sending him plummeting to the ground.

The victim phoned Policia Local who arrived at the scene to find the wannabe thief unconscious on the floor.

An ambulance was called and by the time paramedics arrived, the 47-year-old had regained consciousness and was arrested.

He was transferred to the Carlos Haya Hospital in Malaga suffering from multiple fractures, where he remains.

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