ANDALUCIAN bars, restaurants and their terraces are allowed to remain open until 3am throughout the state of alarm in areas that have entered Phase 2 of the COVID-19 de-escalation plan. 

In a new update announced by regional president Juanma Moreno yesterday, establishments may also operate at up to 50% capacity both inside and outside.

While the framework covers the whole region, each province has the power to decide if the new hours and capacities will be implemented in their respective territories.

getty rf photo of group beer toast
CHEERS: Bars and restaurants will be able to open until 3am across Andalucia until October 31

The Junta said the measure is a bid to help boost profits for the hard-hit hospitality industry.

The 3am rule will remain in place throughout the state of alarm and until October 31.

Moreno said each municipality can adopt the new rules as far as they see appropriate.

The new rules will not yet apply to Malaga and Granada, which have yet to enter Phase 2.

However both provinces are set to enter the next stage at the latest on Monday.

Regional leaders have been demanding that they enter Phase 2 immediately following a week of incredibly low COVID-19 incidence.

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