A FUGITIVE who shot two police officers while on the run from a homicide conviction has finally been arrested in Spain.

Officers found an UZI automatic sub-machine gun with silencer, a 9 mm pistol and ammunition in the Algeciras (Cadiz) house where the ‘extremely dangerous’ 22-year-old man was detained.

He had been on the run after he escaped from justice in 2015 while serving a sentence for homicide.

LETHAL: The weapons seized during the operation.

In February 2018, he shot two local police officers after they identified him, then fled across the N340 main road in Algeciras.

A police search found him, but he managed to escape again during a shoot out with Policia Nacional.

A few days later, an armed confrontation took place on Calle Andalucia in Algeciras, in which one person was shot four times in the legs.  An investigation pointed to the now arrested man as the perpetrator.

After disappearing for a while, the man resurfaced on the Costa del Sol. He broke through a police checkpoint, smashing into a police van and pointing a gun at officers.

He was eventually tracked down to a house in Algeciras, and a major operation involving a Spanish SWAT-style team was launched to arrest him.

He was detained as he tried to make a roof-top escape.

He has been remanded in custody accused of breaking a sentence, attempted murder, assault on an officer of authority, false documentation, illegal possession of weapons of war and vehicle theft.

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