FROM today you can go to the police station to renew your ID cards and passports if the province you live in has entered Phase 2.

This is the first day during the state of emergency where such a service will be available.

There are a couple of rules that people need to follow regarding these services.

These include: Paying with the exact amount in cash (€12 for ID card and €30 for passport), going individually – unless you’re a minor – and of course wear a face mask, which is now compulsory under the law.

To make an appointment, the interested person must reside and be registered in a province that is in Phase 2.

Dates and times can be reserved on the following website:

Once other provinces enter Phase 2, this service will also be available there.

It is important to remember that the Policia Nacional has extended the validity of any ID cards or passports that have expired after the declaration of the state of emergency on March 14, for one year, until March 13 2021.

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